Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

A history of changing room.
This #benditalocura (holy madness) that has mobilized thousands of people and has put hads up half world by #humaniza and the H was born there.

I was talking with Victor about the project, the recent travels and all this impact, Iand he said: “Gabi, have you seen that icon of WhatsApp that seems an H?.”

No more to say. Last Sunday I had 24 hour shift, and in one little rest we launched the first selfie… and then came thousands. Here we present the result of last 4 days of madness, thanks to the excellent work of Jose Sesmero in the edition.

Our apologies to all those that have remained outside, because please believe us we continue receiving thousands of photos and we wish it will continue, because we are storing all of them for making a huge album. 

But as we mentioned in networks the other day, what really matters it is not the gesture itself, which is very eary and a declaration of intentions.
What really matters is to see the amount of people, whether health professional or not, who is aware that we need to build a best healthcare system in all parts of the world, being already a wonderful healthcare system by the people who make it possible.

And this example should spread throughout society. The revolution of emotion: a social and educational work to put in value the care of invisible.
Many thanks to each and every one of you. Together we are making the change possible.

Let´s keep on doing!

Happy Thursday.