Have you realized that you need contact with nature and green spaces?.

Surely you know that it is a vertical garden, or perhaps you have a mini urban garden at home where you’ve planted some vegetable or herb. You have incorporated into your vocabulary words like sustainable, eco-friendly, or you like to buy plants and flowers for your home.

It’s something that comes to us from the past, it´s inside us, already Romans raised this need to be in contact with nature and they planned their cities and homes, taking into account the landscaping.

What do you do when you’re stressed? Many people go jogging, cycling or simply go out for a walk, because at times we need to stop and breathe.

We need the contact with nature. In recent years there have been many studies on this issue, all of them reveal the beneficial effects that interaction with nature has on humans, even to have a plant in our care makes a difference.

The interior designers know these benefits (thanks Mª Jesús my teacher of history of art in interior design) by which we try to integrate nature into our projects as is possible for us.

Today I want to present a hospital, that on this basis, offers their patients an alternative with the help of nature: the Jurong General Hospital in Singapore.

A hospital that blurs the boundaries between construction and nature, the interaction between the inside and the outside, the sense of community and humanism. Everything is talking about a higher level of care, a greater sense of respect and understanding between the hospital and the patient.

The Intensive Care Unit is really the most impressive part of the Hospital for me.

In addition to the hospital environment integrated with nature, the union of architects, health workers, patients and family members have been beyond and have applied this concept to the unit. How can I approach nature to the patients?.

Very simple, patients have access to adjacent exterior areas with natural light, greenery and fresh air. Thus stabilized ICU patients can access the outdoor gardens and be in contact with nature. For this reason this ICU is unique.

The presence of plants or nature allows patients to better manage of the pain, decreases stress levels, family members may accompany the patient in a more relaxed, even feel the sensation of the breeze in the face must be very rewarding for the patient. All of these factors influence a speedy recovery.

This system does not neglect the patient care. It has been enabled a prepared area with equipment, power supplies and points required for emergency medical care.

I invite you to look the hospital website to learn about their philosophy and design.

I would like to ask you: what do you think about this practice? Do you want to see the effects in your patients?.

Best regards!

Mónica Ferrero
Interior Designer in Lab InAction, Design Studio.