On July 22, 2014 June was born . Her mother had risk of abortion at the beginning of the pregnancy and had to be resting the majority of the time. All were unknowns and doubts. Too many. But she was born and all smiled relieved.

In her first hospital review after a while of birth doctors already saw she had some “rarity” in the genitals, a spot on the upper lip and a little problem of heart that was fixes the next day.

Currently, almost two months, she has pending an anoplasty and, again, an ultrasound, this time, observe that spot in more detail. They have said it may be a tumor… but also it is possible that it is not nothing,  we hope so.

When she will be operated, she will spend at least two days in ICU. Her and her parents. She will be inside and her parents out. They may not enter, only in visiting hours.

What does June know  about visits? She only knows voices, touch and smell. Her parents.

She only knows his mother’s breast to feel safe, to relax and unwind. To dream that they embrace she always. ALWAYS.

They will put her in an unknown location, unknown voices, with unknown smells and their fears, those that appear suddenly and will only leave when those parental arms rocked it.

Nobody doubt  about the good care that the healthcare team will provide. 
What it is in doubt is those orders of not free, not open Pediatric ICU visits are just orders from a desk, if professionals want to be not “disturbed” by the family members, if only it has been thought on one side of the coin, if it´s forgot, in the path of the bureaucracy and professional self-interestest , that  care deals about emotions, humans, entwined hearts, healthy improvements, emotionally and physically.

June will be in the ICU soon… and their parents in an hospital hallway.

Ali Matz.