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We are sharing today a recently published article (only available in Spanish) in the journal of Orden Hospitalaria de San Juan de Dios.

You can also access here the digital version.


In “The Caring of Invisible”, we refer to leave aside the haste and impatience to offer integral quality care to patients and families facing one of the worst moments of their lives: coping life from a box of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The ICU can also be a place full of life.

The IC-HU of hospital San Juan de Dios de Córdoba adds, works and focuses all the efforts on the humanization of health. It could not be otherwise: the values of the Order contribute with the humanization as one of its signs of identity. Progressively, other ICU around the world have joined because, as says José Carlos Igeño Cano, doctor and head of the ICU, “Humanizing health is something contagious, engaging and dynamic”.

Broadly, it is the implementation of a bundle of actions for the improvement of therapies, ways of thinking, acting, treat and caring, that go beyond technology and that it has to do with people-centred care: patients, families and professionals.

We continue adding followers, each one in every enviroment, looking for that more friendly IC-HU.

Many thanks to Dr. Igeño and colleagues of San Juan de Dios, excellent article and great pictures!

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