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Attention: we are recruiting researchers for the worldwide prevalence study of delirium

2022-09-08T09:51:52+01:007 September, 2022|

Delirium is a common complication of pediatric and adult patients in hospitals and other settings, estimated up to every fourth till sixth patient can be affected by delirium. The hyperactive form of delirium is well known to most clinicians, but more dangerous is the hypoactive delirium, leading to more serious consequences. The longer a delirium lasts, the more serious are [...]

Available in English the Manuals of Good Practices to Humanise ICU and Emergency Departments

2022-04-24T21:52:02+01:0019 January, 2022|

Dear friends and colleagues: Thanks to the Chair of Humanisation of Health Care, the translation into English of the Good Practice Manuals in Humanisation of ICU and Emergency Departments has been carried out. As always, the manuals can be downloaded for free from the website, by visiting the corresponding tab in Good Practices. Here are the links: Manual of good [...]

Prevalence and risk factors for delirium in critically ill patients with COVID-19

2021-01-10T10:18:22+01:0010 January, 2021|

Lancet Respiratory Medicine has just published online the international collaborative research Prevalence and risk factors for delirium in critically ill patients with COVID-19 (COVID-D): a multicentre cohort. This is a work of the COVID-19 Intensive Care International Study Group, formed by members of Universidad de Valencia and INCLIVA, the  Vanderbilt University's Critical Illness Brain Dysfunction and Survivorship Center and Proyecto [...]

Humanizing Intensive Care: From Theory to Practice

2020-05-23T08:52:18+01:0023 May, 2020|

Great news from the United States of America! Critical Care Nursing Clinics of North America has dedicated its number of June 2020 to Patient and Family Experience in the ICU. Our admired and beloved Judy Davidson has done a wonderful job of coordinating and editing. These are the contents, where José Manuel Velasco and Gabi Heras have collaborated in chapter [...]

Urgent: recruitment for Delirium COVID-19 Study

2020-04-24T12:53:04+01:0024 April, 2020|

As many of you are observing day by day (and yesterday this was a topic discussed in the second H-Webinar of the HU-CI Project on post-ICU syndrome), we have the feeling that COVID-19 affected patients admitted to ICU are developing very severe delirium. The cause, probably multifactorial: many days in mechanical ventilation and with sedoanalgesia and myorelaxation, possible side effects [...]

Humanizing Intensive Care: Toward a HumanCentered Care ICU Model

2020-02-18T12:25:13+01:0018 February, 2020|

Coinciding with the 49th Congress of the Society of Critical Care Medicine, Critical Care Medicine has recently published in its March issue our article Humanizing Intensive Care: Toward a Human-Centered Care ICU Model, for free and free download pdf. The article expands the Plenary Conference that Dr. Nicolás Nin will share tomorrow representing Proyecto HU-CI, and which will be our [...]

ICU diaries: Looking for the missing pieces… #HealingWords

2019-12-17T06:22:33+01:0017 December, 2019|

“Reading what happened to me has incredible value. It is very hard, but it is important to know it happened. I need to understand that it took place in order to continue. After all, it's my life, isn't it? M.J.P. 55 years, 60 days in ICU. Illness suddenly invades people's lives, and turns everything upside down, without warning and without [...]

From Utopia to Reality: First ICU certified in Humanization

2019-12-06T11:29:09+01:006 December, 2019|

Next December 11th, 2019 will be a day for the history of the humanization of intensive care units: the ICU of Infanta Elena University Hospital of the Public Health System of the Community of Madrid is receiving the HUCI/AENOR certification for its compliance with Good Practices in Humanization (soon available in English). From Utopia to Reality. This is a milestone: [...]

Eight things we would never do regarding end-of-life care in the ICU

2019-03-14T10:28:27+01:0014 March, 2019|

The article Eight things we would never do regarding end-of-life care in the ICU has been recently published online in Intensive Care Medicine, in What´s new in Intensive Care section. It´s signed by Ely, Azoulay and Sprung. Authors want to share a global vision from three differents views and parts of the world, about situations and transversal concepts regarding end of life care [...]

If people knew…Rules would be different

2019-02-25T17:58:48+01:0025 February, 2019|

If people knew that visiting hours could be flexible. If people knew there are very few psychologists in the ICU. If people knew that professionals leave all of us but nobody takes care of us. If people knew we barely had time. If people knew communicating better could be learned. If people knew we want their help. If people knew [...]

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