Hola a todos, my dear friends.

We share today the point of view published in Medicina Intensiva by our mates from the ICU of Hospital Universitario La Paz about outpatient clinics in ICU.

A half of the patients admitted in ICU could suffer from post Intensive Care Syndrome, with physical, psiquiatric or cognitive sequels.

In this article, authors explain how they have started the PICS clinic. They follow up patients after ICU discharge during the ward stay, and they will be reviewed in external clinic after Hospital discharge: anamnesis, physical examination, respiratory function and force tests and functional-cognitive-psychological status, analyzing quality of life. lf any alteration is detected, they send the person to the specialist needed: in rehabilitation, psychiatrist, etc.

With this premises, we hope promising results of PICS clinic and we are expecting the fruits in next publications.

Congratulations to our mates of La Paz! From Proyecto HU-CI, we encourage you to think about PICS Clinic in your hospital, so necessary for patients, families and a perhaps a way to increase the ICU service offerings.

Let´s follow!