Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Family is growing. Recently we share the new blog Humanización en Salud y Enfermedad (Humanization in Health and Illness), and today I would like to introduce you Facilitación Sanitaria. (Healthcare facilitation)

Our “brothers” came from Cataluña, and are leaded by Raquel Franco with clear goals and focused on the surgical patient:

– To defend the humanization of care and the autonomy of the people in the hospital environment

– To revive empowerment of healthcare providers and the surgical patient to contribute in improving health care.

Both of them come together with the IC-HU Project, and in the end all will succeed in achieving a better quality of care if we focus on ill people, their families and health professionals.

Their tools:



-Taking of consciousness.

-Identify thoughts and beliefs that could limit you to keep evolving as a person and professional.

Their actions:

* Coaching processes.

* Mentoring.

* Tutoring and awareness sessions.

* Specialized training in humanizing the care and assistance of health personnel through the RF method.

* Emotional growth and workshops.

And very interesting resources on the blog, as for example what we should know if we are going to be operated (only available in Spanish).

From The IC-HU Project, once again we congratulate and encourage you to visit this new blog which will teach us many things.

Happy Wednesday,