We shared yesterday on our social networks the amazing pictures by Lili Mateus of Cele and Chiki in the ICU of Hospital General de Villalba (Madrid). As expected, the images became viral and thousands of people supported the initiative. For those who have not seen yet, we share them again:

Judge yourselves: a clear example that a picture is worth a thousand words. From Proyecto HU-CI, we send all our strength and good wishes for this family in their recovery. Also as expected, disparate opinions arose about safety, hygiene conditions, discomfort for the rest of the patients, etc. And for them, we want to share two excellent open articles signed by Dr. Megan Hosey, from ICU Rehab John Hopkins:

Animal-assisted activity in the intensive care unit published in November 2017 in ICU Management, and Animal-assisted intervention in the ICU: a tool for humanization published in Critical Care last February.

On this occasion and as with the images, we ask you to read the articles and draw your conclusions: they have the keys to successfully implement the animal-assisted therapy in your hospital, how to do infection control and what should be best conditions to do it.

But you also can ask all people who are just doing in Spain, that are not few.

There are many thing to do for improving the experience of patients, and creating ICU with H can help them to come back to life long before they get home. Non-pharmacological interventions such as #healingwalks or animal-assisted therapy among others can reduce people’s suffering and help them take an active role in their recovery.

Emotion and Science: #holymadness.