Hola a tod@s, my dear  friends.

More joys. We are still meeting new people within Spain and all over the world. And a great little treasure is right nearby, in the Hospital Universitario San Juan de Alicante.

For many years, in this Center has been created a hospital Humanization Commission as the rest of the commissions, with their records and their projects, and IC-HU Project hopes to serve this experience for the rest of the hospitals in Spain (and surroundings) and can think aloud: and why not in my Hospital?.

During its existence, they have developed a thousand and one ideas which have been launched with more or less success, and certainly some of them are inspiring and should be a reference for everybody. We will be counting their previous experiences and their current and future projects.

One of their documents, prepared in March 2001, is called “What is humanizing?” the Comission has given it me for share with you.

I’m absolutely convinced it’s must-read to understand many concepts that sometimes are blurred, so here I share the pdf (I am really sorry, because only is available in Spanish).

Happy Wednesday!