This is the story of Felipe Díaz Izarraulde, a Chilean who had the opportunity to be born again!. Simply an everyday hero who wanted to tell us his story.

“I lived seven months in the ICU… This has been the strongest experience that I have lived and I will never forget. At the age of 17 I got involved between doctor visits, tests, and laboratory studies.

The aim was to discover the origin of my impaired state of health that was getting worse day by day. So, I was admitted to the adult ICU.

I was in the place of the critical patients. I felt fear, anxiety and concern.

The restriction of visits and timetables were very limited: one hour in the morning and another in the afternoon, too long wait to see my family and thus be able to calm my anxiety.

In one of the visits a doctor called my mom and just see her face I realized that something happened. They told me that I had to sleep, it was the best option to treat me. I agreed and promised that I would fight until the end, I just wanted to recover.

One month later I opened my eyes. I have a tracheotomy, with drains in my lungs, probes, cables. I could not speak. I had no forces to move and a sense of vulnerability invaded me. I needed everybody and for everything.

In the seventh month I got the long-awaited discharge from hospital, but the definitive discharge only after a year and two months. I look back and can identify clearly what made all the difference in my healing process; my will to live, the support of my family, the passion of doctors, nurses, assistants, friends, coworkers, teachers, acquaintances, anonymous and in particular to the hospital for having allowed my parents to spend more time with me in the ICU.

This was vital in my recovery.

Being closed to them was the fundamental complementary medicine that took effect. Precisely in difficult times the union of forces, energies, and shared faith were the formula that allowed my total healing, awaited by all.

Today I can say that I have returned to life to share this with my experience with you”.