My alarm-clock sounds and I weak up plenty of satisfaction, happiness, and full of life. This is priceless.

The day of Saint Jordi there was an inflection point in the ICU of the Broggi Hospital.

But to reach it, sometimes we have to go through situations in life that make us think and rethink many aspects of both personal and professional life.

In my case, my turning point was on 11 April, 2014. As many people who have suffered a traffic accident usually say, that day I was born again. Life took me to be admitted during a week in the ICU and that personal experience made me rethink many aspects in my professional life as a nurse in intensive care.

At that time I meet the IC-HU Project. In my long times of recovery, I started to read about this great project and something inside has changed.

This year we organize at Hospital Sant Joan Despí Moisès Broggi the annual Conference of Catalan society of Intensive Care and Critical Medicine (SOCMIC), and we thought that we had to share the project and ideas for awakening that change we all need.

We did it. And that small revolution motivated us in such a way that the first result was the concert that we organise within the ICU, in occasion of the Diada de Saint Jordi.

I had the pleasure of seeing in the ICU of the Broggi, how my coworkers, family, and patients are touched, they sang, danced and clapped with the music of “The Broggi´s Band” concert. We deliver roses for each patient and their families.

Sincerely, the best gift of Sant Jordi, there were not a rose or a book, they were those tears in the eyes of all those who were there. Patients, families, physicians, nurses, aides, and the rest of the Hospital staff.

I would like to congratulate all my coworkers for believing in this project and make it reality and all the members of “The Broggi´s Band”, without you this wouldn’t be possible…

Let the music keep sounding!