After attending the 13th ceremony of the Best Ideas of the Health Awards 2014 of Diario Médico, in which IC-HU Project was awarded, many questions have given turns over my head.

I come from Chile and I am living in this beautiful country named Spain, living a dream in the beautiful Barcelona and although I know well that we are in times of crisis and shortage in some areas, on Monday I could discover that most need humans tend to be much more creative, 100 pioneering projects were awarded, but more than 1,500 were nominated!

From my point of view, the richness of this project lies in the possibility that there is a space in common for professionals in health and other areas, family and patients, all with the same aim: “Humanizing Intensive Care”. This daunting task begins in our units, but extends to the society.

How we do this?

Through teamwork, probably a concept handled and very badly used. That is why I would like to rescue this quote by Polliack:

“A team is a working system which allows several people of different professions and skills to coordinate their activities, and in which everyone contributes with their knowledge to the achievement of a purpose in common.”

If this really happens, I believe that our ICUs would be very different, and the evidence supports through the article published in the journal JAMA The Effect of Multidisciplinary Care Teams on Intensive Care Unit Mortality, which the authors manage to establish the effect of multidisciplinary teams in the mortality in intensive care units.

What happends with this management?.

Mortality was lower when a group of physical therapists, intensivists, nurses, pharmaceutical clinical among others visits daily to patients, and not only that… also improved communication and the development of protocols.

An intervention that changes the prognosis and that has 0 cost!

Until next week.
Veronica Rojas