What happened at the University Carlos III of Spain a few days  ago and immersed fully election campaign (talk – discussion – conversation between two rising young politicians), evidence of intellectual gaps extend to our ENTIRE society, which come from a progressive devaluation training and the disappearance of HUMANITIES.

While recognizing that one of them had never read Kant, (coinciding with the general mortals), the other, confused what he calls as “ethics of Pure Reason” which is the “Critique of Pure Reason”, where the author try to lay the foundations of a universal ethic.

Immanuel Kant said that the wise man can change his mind, a fool never. Let us first; others of the second charge.
In his doctrine of moral autonomy, particular to the legal entity – that is, not the empirical human being as part of the sensible world, but humanity as a person – it is an end in itself, not a means for purposes other. And Kant responds to how moral conduct with his famous categorical imperative: Act so that the maxim of your will can be upheld at all times, while, as a principle of general legislation.

Kant’s argument has essentially contributed to the philosophical foundation of human rights. The categorical imperative and recognition of the human dignity of all human beings in all human fields are seen as two sides of the same coin and the fundamental principle of all moral relationship – staff human being with himself and his fellow: Act so that you use humanity, whether in your person as in the person of any other, always at the same time as an end and never merely as a means.

Human life is not merely exist as the things that surround it, but also, and this is very important, it is a knowledge that it exists. Consciousness is, as it were, a revelation of being.

At no time like ours is more timely affirmation of the unity of man, because now, more than ever, is lost and given the real threat to annihilate authentic human values. Recent events lead to a civilized humanity at least psychopathological access.

People are not only a material being, nor a pure spirit. The best moments of historical life are those in which the two portions of man are united and act accordingly. This unity of action itself constitutes human life. Currently, the role given to intelligence is a mere technical instrument to implement the decisions of an irrational will. Scientific knowledge is only a means for the exploitation and domination of nature and of human energies.

Scheler says that the human person is not a “substance”, but a complex of events organized monarchical, that is, of which one carries in each case the government and management.

In the book “The cosmopolitan humanism of Immanuel Kant” by Fernando H. Alonso Llano, the author understands that it must be regarded as a cosmopolitan humanist who reject any project of social coexistence that is exclusive and / or particularistic and does not respect the common good of the humanity, respect for human rights, and those principles and universal values that give dignity to all men as rational individuals fully emancipated.

Allow me one a last thought: if we keep at it, you better read Kant.

Thank you.

Félix José Martín Gallardo (swx20088@gmail.com)
Intensive Care physician.
Critical Care and Emergency Management Unit

Hospital de la Serranía en Ronda, Málaga.