Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

As you all know, we are going on a research project on Health-Team Coaching in the ICU of the Hospital Universitario de Torrejón, thanks to Hymas.

We did three workshops that you can see summary in the next post (sorry, only available in Spanish).

We are working in this items:

  • How is an ideal ICU Team?
  • Why the team isn’t at that level?.
  • What are the obstacles that avoid generate an ideal?
  • What resources and issues to address during the process to achieve the objective of the ideal ICU Team? 

  • Experience the “one, with their circumstances, move to be with other, and the impact of the other individual objectives, move to be with everyone, and the impact among all, emotions, thoughts, reactions, outcomes. Experimentation was done through a “game with threads, in motion”.
  • Reflections: How can I keep my goal taking into account the others and generate new one shared objective?
  • How to manage the difficulties between us when they arise?

  • How to develop fully the power of the ICU team during Team Coaching?
  • How do we want to be communicating with the absent after a workshop?
  • What can we do specifically do these days, in your day to day to get away / prevent / modify / create / in relation to that, that it hurts… to give you a safe positive and that it depends only on you?

Here we are!
I will tell you how the project is growing.

Happy Tuesday,