Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Today we want to share a recent article by Anna Aliberch and Isabel Miquel in Enfermería Intensiva. It´s a very interesting review about the need for the role of the patient´s family at ICU.

An ICU admittance is a situation of crisis and change.

If we facilitate family participation, it will decrease their anxiety and stress and increase the degree of mutual understanding between families and professionals. Thus, it would increase the satisfaction and confidence of the families.

Family needs accurate and understandable information, feeling there is hope, having proximity with their family ill member and to help us in any way. This last point every day is difficult for two reasons: the timetables and be relegated to a passive attitude, by physical and social structure.

Can we do something about it?. Yes without a doubt.

It is impossible to replace their relationship of love for us as professionals. The families know the priorities, needs and tastes of the patients: take advantage of it. Studies indicate that it is the nurse who is better able to address the needs of the family.

Ultimately, this represents a change in thinking (although more than 80% of professionals think in this way) which we should come down to Earth. 

And it will be a success for everyone.

Happy Wednesday,