2016 begins, again with the customs, the promises we make to ourselves, the review of those 365 days we have just leave.

Also in the space alien to time which the ICU is, the New Year comes and the aims and wishes have their hollow.

Let us to participate of this, toast with us, with our families, among you, congratulate us with the year, send wishes of peace, love and luck in the next big draw.

Because we want to be but we can not lift the cups.

At times like Christmas days, that tell us about the existence of everyday life and the world we know continues, the celebration is also possible in the ICU. But otherwise, without champagne or roasted; with words, gestures that allow us to recognize that the New Year is coming and we can order desires like everyone else, as before.

Happy New year everyone, to those that sleep and those who take care of their dreams.

Raquel Nieto