99 days

I spent many days sedated, sleeping. 

The sleeping still exist, even our outside contact is interrupted. Occasionally there are signals, voices, a flash, a rubbing gives us a whiplash which we recognize from the depths. 

And we look for the exit. 

I was submerged in a sea of gelatin, clumsy arms, without enough strength to swin, I went up and down, moved or give turns at the same point. It was not able to know it. In the background, the siren of a great transatlantic who never arrived in port. We were in the same space, trapped by the sea.

And suddenly, the shore where I was a diver with the tube to breathe in wrong place, with flippers instead of feet that didn’t move on the Mainland, my skin felt the contact with the sheet, cold but without the moisture or sea salt where it came. I couldn´t recognize anything, I didn´t listen to my name. What was I doing with my suit diver on a bed?

In the distance, the great transatlantic changed its powerful siren by small, high-pitched beeps, everything was white. I tried to grab me, but I couldn’t. My arms did not respond, were attached to cables and needles, sewn with backstitch to bed. I had passed being a diver to a fish with hooks in my body.

Flashing lights on the horizon appeared, a little beyond the end of my bed, noises, voices, rush, my heart of diver began to beat out of the water, I was scared.

Voices approaching, around me, I was not able to understand what they were saying. I felt her hands trying to remove me the tuve From my throat but if she did it, I could not return to the sea of gelatin. They didn’t know it.

I closed my eyes and stopped fighting. I would return to the shore walking.

Raquel Nieto