Hola a todos, my dear friends

February 14th 2017 has been an historic day for Proyecto HU-CI.

Intensive Care Medicine, the journal of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM), has published the article A plan for improving the humanisation of Intensive Care Units , which can be read for free in the following link.

In the article we explain the philosophy of Proyecto HU-CI, our know-how and we share for free download the humanization plan of Intensive Care Units of  the Goverment of Madrid in English, our humanisation model for any ICU of the world.

So we encourage you to share and spread it, because this #benditalocura (holy madness), this global movement, should be in all the ICU on the planet and should serve to humanise the health care services of all countries.

If we believe and work, we can.

Congratulations to all the team of Proyecto HU-CI, and to all those who think in this need and do it possible around the world.

Happy Wednesday,