Hello everybody!

ANA is 23, and left the Canary Islands looking for better fortune labor. And she came to Madrid. Like many of us,  she is a healthcare provider (particularly nurse) and she is looking her place in life.

Like many Spaniards, is unemployed.

The Burnout, job unsatisfaction, the NO-contracts,  contracts month-to- month, stress, shifts and salaries that do not represent the value of the work that we do… and we could go an hour putting realities and realities of this perverse system that we accept without any question.

Our value is our vocation, our work. Only all of us know to do so. Politician, businessman or Manager don´t know. All of us!

But Ana has a gift.

I invite you to visit and follow www.enfermeraenapuros.com.

A new and fun way of fighting for change.

Because the change depends on all of us, no one will make it possible. It depends on all of us.

Happy Tuesday and Happy Easter Holidays!

AND a standing ovation to the ICUs that keep our running at 100% as always!