Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in the Collaborative Laboratory for the patient´s empowerment organized by Impact Hub Madrid.

A busy day of work, but with a quite different forms we usually do at the ICU.

First of all, freaking out with a spacious, friendly and colorful place that invited subjectively to good manners.

The second, more than 40 people in the Colab of health that came from different areas (health professionals, Pharma, NOG´s members and patient associations) with the same desire to contribute with their ideas about the change of current paradigm about the empowerment of the patient.

Ana Urrutia spoke from the Bioethics of Care: Autonomy, informed consent, cross-cultural management, and above all, the importance of the dignity of persons.

Víctor Rodriguez talked about the importance of the patient experience and opinion, as well as work in the long run to generate a consistent change, regardless of policy.

After that, all the assistants were working in small groups. Almost without realizing and facilitation by Designit team (via method manual thinking), six change plans were created while we drank coffee and talked, sharing in a quite relaxed but very powerful environment.

I had to participate in the group which had to think how to join all the actors involved in the empowerment of the patient, and enabling the management.

And we though to create a journey: a tour of the daily experience of the other. The patient would be the doctor, the nurse would be the manager, and the physician could be the family (for example). It seemed to us that active listening and learning about the experience of the other could make us all better understand and sit the rules for later really team working, looking for a common goal.

What would happen if we do this in the ICU? 

What about listening to the other from different roles, all sitting at the same table, and seeking the solutions to the problems of each part?. In other words: do we need side view?.

And the last question, what would happend if we put in value all the good things that others do?.

Happy Thursday,