Fundación Aladina began in 2005.

It´s an independent organization which provides material, psychological and emotional support to children, adolescents and their families. They carried out projects in different hospitals as: Hospital Gregorio Marañon (Madrid), Hospital Cruces (Vizcaya), Hospital Vall d´Hebron (Barcelona), Hospital de Getafe (Madrid) and Hospital Niño Jesús (Madrid), its reference centre.In the Hospital Niño Jesús (HNJ), they have created the Maktub bone marrow transplant centre. In the first two years, more than 108 bone marrow transplants have been done.

In addition, numerous improvements have been made, including for the ICU: installation of wi-fi, reform of the halls of nursing and renewal of the furniture of the boxes of the unit.

Now, they are immersed in a largest project: the reform of the Pediatric ICU, a landmark national because of dealing more serious cancer children across the country. This ambitious project aims to provide the best technology unit and create an environment in which the best mood is the goal for the children and their families.

It will be the Aladina-Juan Casado ICU. Juan Casado is former head of intensive care for more than 30 years and in his own words, this reform is essential.

The new ICU will have:

– 14 boxes equipped for the best intensive care.
– 14 robotic arms.
– 7 simple boxes and 1 double for polytrauma.
– 6 isolation boxes
– Control of natural and artificial lighting,
– Nursing monitoring station
– Energy efficiency and acoustic comfort systems.
– Lounge for nurses.
– Warehouse equipment and rooms service clean, dirty and lingerie, and room for resident with own bathroom.

Without a doubt a wonderful project, because it is inspired by a formula very solid and complete:

Friendly and human environment + the best technology = SUCCESS
Success, because it is counting with the best technical means, because it is essential the well-being of children providing suitable thermal, acoustic and lighting comfort (factors that must take care to create a suitable atmosphere), because the unit will have natural light, a fundamental element to not alter circadian rhythm of the children, families and medical personnel and to see sunlight children will not have the feeling of being trapped.

Because they also have into account the staff and their work routine with a central surveillance planning, rooms of rest and spaces that facilitate the usual logistics unit.

In summary, an IC-HU thought for children, to stay and feel best, where it is as important to treat people as they were on a friendly and human environment, and which also facilitates the spaces of work and rest of the healthcare providers. A very complete project where it has been thought in all people who interact in the unit: children, families and caregivers. There has been dialogue by all those involved in the project.

Fundación Aladina: congratulations on this great project!. We are looking forward to seeing this great IC-HU for children..


Mónica Ferrero
Interior Designer in Lab In Action