Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Today, Proyecto HU-CI is three years old…and really, nothing surprises me. I have sincerely believed that this was always possible.

Three years to happend everything, and in those I have had the luck to meet thousands and thousands of people: all of you.

Three years to make the revolution a reality in the ICU of the world. And this revolution is written with H as in human, i.e., the H-evolucion of health.

Three years to aware health managers from the inside, from our day to day, from experience, that we can do it.

Three years to create HU-CI in other countries, such as Bolivia, Colombia… and those which are coming.

And it is not casual that today we share with you the #3JHUCI, where we are going to expand the circle and to go beyond the barriers of the ICU because together humanise the healthcare system.

In Granada, jointly coorganised with Andalusian School of public health and the School of patients, May 18th and 19th. You can download here the poster by Meritxell Naranjo.

For this reason, we ask that you send your proposals to info@proyectohuci.com before February 26th because we already have the pre-program, but as in other years we want to count on you to finish the program.

There will be option to send communications, and we will facilitate the search for accommodation.

Workshops pre-Conference and a lot of surprises. This year, let’s go for double the capacity and we hope up to 450 people.

So you can not miss it. Stay tuned to this space.

See you in Granada, our cool congress!

Happy Thursday